Herbs Of Grace Personal Blend

The Herbs Of Grace personal blend is a monthly treatment package that will cover most of your herbal prescription. It is a flat rate that costs around £15.00 per week and covers all of your herbal formulae, a tea or a tincture and a personal flower essence blend. This will vary with each individual case. Please note that herbal nutrients generally have a very strong taste that sometimes can take a few days to get used to. The powdered herbs are taken as a herbal shot in a little water or juice. If you really can't bear the taste of the herbal powders we can capsule your formula for you, but there will be an extra cost to cover this service.

If you have been given a prescription by another practitioner please list which formula you would like us to blend together in the 'special instructions' box, or send it in an email to mutopia@hotmail.co.uk. We can also capsule your herbs for you for a small extra charge.

Students of The School Of Natural Medicine get a 10% discount. Either call 01947 606565 or email for the code.