About Us

We are passionate about plants and have spent the last 14 years carefully developing beautiful skincare and herbal products made with purely natural ingredients. We only use the highest quality materials many of them certified organic. We use packaging made from plants that is biodegradable, and print our leaflets on recycled paper.

All our products are designed and handmade by Suzanna and Milo Thelwall. Suzanna has been a clinical aromatherapist for the last 18 years and is currently studying medical herbalism. Milo has been an aromatherapist for the last 10 years and has practised and taught shiatsu for 20 years. Suzanna and Milo are in the shop Monday to Friday and are always happy to have a chat and answer any questions you may have.

Free Postage on orders of £25 and over.

The healing power of nature is what inspires us and our relationship with the earth is at the heart of what we do.

All our products are natural, parabens, SLS and additive free.

Any palm oil we use is certified sustainable as recommended by WWF.

Our Plastic containers and bubblewrap are 100% biodegradable, made from corn. You can put them on the compost heap! They are made by the pioneering company Vegware.

If you bring your bottles back to the shop we will sterilize and reuse them.

We do not test on animals.

All our products are vegan apart from the cold processed soap, lip balm and northern witch as these contain beeswax and the anti aging cream as it contains collagen.

Totally natural skincare donates monthly to MSF, UNICEF, WWF, GREENPEACE and TREE AID.

We have worked closely with trading standards to ensure that our products meet all the current EU legislation and are carefully safety tested.